What we do...                       

We are a service company specializing in Employee Benefit Plans, including:

Medical Plans (Fully-Insured & Self-Funded)

        2 - Dental Plans (Fully-Insured & Self-Funded)

        3 - Cafeteria Plans

        4 - Disability Plans

        5 - Life/AD&D Plans

        6 - Voluntary Payroll Deduction Plans

                - Dental

                - Cancer

                - Disability

                - Accident

                - Life/AD&D    

Our Mission...

It's our goal to assist employers in designing, implementing and maintaining employee benefit plans that

        1 - Provide excellent coverage

        2 - Are reasonably priced

        3 - Are underwritten by established insurers

        4 - Are easily enrolled (reduce time off the job)

        5 - Are relatively "maintenance-free" for the employer.

About Us...


    Certified Health Consultant (CHC) 

    Over 35 years of experience as an independent agent specializing in Group Benefits  

    President of MidSouth Benefit Adminitrators, Inc from 1991 - 2003

    Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi company Sales Representative from 1974 - 1988

    Areas of expertise:  

          Plan Design, Implementation, Government Regulation & Compliance  


    Charter Member of the Self-Funding Academy

    Over 25 years of experience in Group Benefit Sales and Administration

    Partner in MidSouth Benefit Adminsitrators, Inc. from 1991 - 2003

    Areas of expertise:  

          Claims Adjudication, Excess Loss Contracts, Plan Design & Employee Communication 

Experience You Can Trust.  

Service You Can Depend On.